Applicable techniques

Automatic monitoring:

  • well / soil temperature measurements;
  • weather observations;
  • GPS geolocation base station.

Field works:

  • geophysical measurements (electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), GPR surveys, magnetic measurements);
  • high-resolution areal imagery with geopositoning;
  • geobotanical observations and sampling;
  • pedological observations and soil sampling;
  • drilling and studies of core samples.

Samoylov Island RS services

Item Price
SI RS service of installed equipment of customer contract price
Samples collection by the station staff or performance of measurements on equipment of customer or using SI RS equipment. contract price
Aerophotography with processing (geotagging, construction of an orthophotomap and a digital relief model) contract price
Drilling contract price

Assignment for use

Item Price
Employment of laboratory and field equipment contract price
Employment of metal workshop contract price
Regular data transfer via the Internet (up to 25 kBit / s) contract price

Provision of stay at Samoylov Island RS

Item Price
Living conditions (bed-place, home comforts, including toilet,bathroom, sauna, laundry, kitchen, lounges, electric power) contract price
Communication services (Internet, satellite communications, radio stations) contract price
Boat transportation (up to 10 people or up to 1000 kg) contract price
Transportation by motor boat (up to 4 people or up to 500 kg) contract price
Transportation by car contract price
Transportation by snowmobile contract price
Transportation by truck (in the winter) contract price
Storage of materials in a warm warehouse contract price
Storage of materials in the refrigerator contract price

Value of works and services provided by Samoylov Island RS is calculated by the formula:

S = (Е+D+В+А+С+F+G)*(1+H)*(1+J) х Т, where

Е – pay rates of the operator of equipment for one hour of work, rub.;

D – cost of supplies, rub. per hour;

В – maintenance and servicing costs of the main and support equipment involved in testing, measuring, research (repair and service), rub. per hour;

А – depreciation charges for equipment involved in testing, measurement, research, rub. per hour;

С – utility costs (electricity, water), rub. per hour;

F – insurance contributions on staff pays, rub. per hour;

G – property tax, rub. per hour;

H – internal rate of return (IRR), (20%);

J – VAT, (18%);

Т – operating time of the piece of equipment on which the service is performed, hour.