Laboratory equipment

  1. Total organic carbon analyzer Shimadzu TOC-L
  2. Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer Scalar San++ with TurboMatrix Detector
  3. Gas analyzer CO2. H2O. CP4 LICOR Biosinces LI-7200FM with GILL-WMP Gill New WindMaster Pro Sonic Anemometer and Cable WindMaster to 7550
  4. Autotitrator Т70 Mettler Toledo
  5. LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer
  6. SZX16 Research Stereo Microscope System
  7. Stereomicroscope Olimpus BX61 with Olimpus SZX-GA painting device and digital camera ХС10
  8. Freeze dryer Martin Christ. Epsilon 2-D
  9. Laboratory glassware washer G 7883 Professional
  10. Portable liquid nitrogen plant Cryomech LNP-10
  11. Fourier spectrometer Shimadzu IRAffinity-1
  12. Spectrofluorimeter Shimadzu RF-5301PC
  13. Thermo Scientific SL 16 Centrifuge
  14. Steam autoclave Euronda E7
  15. Water electrical purifier Liston with integrated collector
  16. Bathometer PVS-plastic water Sampler Hidrobius V-2.5
  17. Bathometer Bottle
  18. Redistiller UD-2100
  19. Laboratory analytic balance Shimadzu AUW 220D for CN-analyzer
  20. Laboratory balance Shimadzu UW620H
  21. Electronic balance CAS AD-5
  22. Electronic balance CAS DL-150
  23. GFL GFL 3020 Digital Orbital Shaker 3020
  24. Hydrogen and synthetic air generator Цвет, ЦХ8 и +JUN-AIR. OF302-25B
  25. Counting cell for zooplankton Hidrobius
  26. Hanna portable conductivity meter model HI 8733
  27. Mill Retsch MM 400
  28. Magnetic mixers (ГХ) RH basic 2 IKAMAG
  29. Samples furnance NABERTHERM L-240K2CN (L24/12/B180)
  30. Filtering device ГР-60
  31. Hydrochemical equipment WTW Multi 340I
  32. Dewar Flasks KGW-Isoterm 12L
  33. Dewar Flasks KGW-Isoterm 3L
  34. Spectrophotometer Shimadzu
  35. Air sterilizer ГП-20 475*625*416
  36. Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter HI 9146-04 (Hanna)
  37. Filtration technique for samples ПВФ-35 (47)/ZH B)
  38. Vacuum plant for water sampling ПВФ-47/6
  39. Purified water generation system YPVA-5-1
  40. Potocolorimetr KFK-3-01
  41. Drying oven BINDER ED 53

Field equipment

  1. Ground penetrating radar GPR/SIR System-300 with antennas 40, 100, 400 и 700 MHz
  2. Multiparameter probes STD Sea@Son Tehnology CTD90M
  3. Land receiver of geodetic system GPS
  4. Geodetic equipment based on Leica VIVA DGPS
  5. Sampling equipment for river and lake deposits UWITEC
  6. Electric power plant of block-container AD100S-Т400-2RS-001.01
  7. Water Level Data Logger Deluxe Kit HOBO KIT-D-U20-01
  8. Humidity sensor НОВО S-THB-M008
  9. Temperature sensor TMC50-HD
  10. Water temperature sensor HOBO U22-001
  11. Temperature sensor НОВО S-THB-M006
  12. Grab sampler Van Veen Hidrobius
  13. Light meter Likor LI-250
  14. Stream velocity meter ISP-1M
  15. Сhartplotter Garmin GPSMAP 585 Plus
  16. HOBO U14-002 Humidity Data Logger
  17. Data logger LIKOR LI-1400
  18. HOBO KIT-D-U20-01 Water Level Data Logger Deluxe Kit
  19. Digital magnetometer МН07
  20. Ground receiver of GPS geodetic system
  21. Sampler for liquid mediums Bailer Sampler 12.04SA Eijkelkamp
  22. Quantum sensor LIKOR LI-190SA (LI-190R)
  23. Pyranometric sensor LIKOR LI-200
  24. Metheorologic station WXT520 Vaisala
  25. Engineering theodolite Nikon NE 103
  26. Borehole levelmeter УСК-ТЭ-200
  27. Echo sounder GPSMAP526s

Enginery and transport

  1. Small aluminium motor boat “Корвет-480”
  2. ATV Yamaha Grizzly (bruin) 350
  3. Rubber boat КМД-470 60-09
  4. Rubber boat КМД-470 60-10
  5. Outboard motor Mercury 9.9 BigFoot EL
  6. Outboard motor МЕ-F150ELPT EFI 1150F13HD
  7. Trailer М3СА 817710.001-05
  8. Snow tractor “Буран” АДЕ
  9. Off-road vehicle ГАЗ 34039-32
  10. Motor boat Урал 730
  11. Snow- and swamp-going vehicle Argo8*8
  12. Snow tractor Yamaha Venture Multi Pupose
  13. Well drilling survey unit УРБ-4Т based on a trail tractor
  14. Drilling device КМБ-3М
  15. Drilling device УКБ-12/25-02 “Помбур” with wrench-pull system
  16. Air compressor (oil-free) JUN-AIR OF302-25B
  17. Lift truck МКСМ-1000Н (Четра) with additional equipment: scoop, snow clearer, drilling device
  18. Portal crane SB0904
  19. Electric wrench ПИ-24М
  20. Soil motodrill Hitachi DA 300E
  21. Outboard motor Yamaxa 30 HWCS
  22. Drainline portable pump Unilift KR-150A
  23. Accumulator plant APS 12/220B
  24. Telpher Sturm EH72100